Cryptocurrency Tutorial

Demi Yilmaz
2 min readJan 31, 2018


This is a tutorial for getting my friends up to speed on what Cryptocurrencies are and what their vision is.

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Info About Market (top 10):

nem: 4388x in 34 months

ripple: 560x in 54 months

ethereum: 351x in 29 months

stellar: 258x in 42 months

bitcoin: 114x in 57 months

tron: 100x in 4 months

cardano: 57x in 3 months

litecoin: 55x in 57 months

iota: 6x in 7 months

bitcoin-cash: 4x in 6 months

Question you should answer: Which coin that is coming out today will be 50x in 3 months?

Exchanges: (Have at least 2, never keep more than 50% of your money on 1 exchange)

Coinbase, Kraken (For fiat money $)

BTCTurk or Paribu (For fiat money TL)

Binance (For Altcoins)

Bittrex (For Altcoins)

Huobi (For Altcoins)


1. Watch metamask video:

2. Install metamask:

3. Create metamask account (ether wallet)

4. Send ether to your metamask account

5. Register, tweet, retweet here: to learn how metamask works

6. After retweeting etc, check out your ethereum account on the ether scan. This is my metamask account for example, you can see all of my activities here:


1. check the site

2. View all different coins

3. Click on a coin that you know, inspect its website, announcement, explorer, message board, chat, source code, markets, social tools, historical data, log scale, price(BTC) parts.

4. Examine the api

5. Read FAQ

6. Examine Trending-Gainers

7. View Global charts:

8. Check out historical snapshots:

Good Communities










A good site for earning some $s and getting airdrops (coins):