Singapore Eye Check Up

Best eye doctor and glasses in Singapore?

Here are the steps I went through in order to determine the best one.

  1. Youtube “how to pick a good eye doctor” & “how to pick a good optometrist”
  2. Watch the top videos
  3. Take notes of important things
  4. Search on google maps and google
  5. Discard anything below 4.5⭐️
  6. Discard anything with less than 30 reviews
  7. Discard anything that doesn’t look professional. Good places usually have written blogs or have decent website.
  8. For the rest of the places check out the comments and eliminate a couple more places. For example if 1⭐️ has density, it means they have fucked some customers. Or if some people have written, “it is really bad” they get rejected. If people are bitching about the price, thats okay. It can be expensive, but if the reviews are saying the price is listed $100 and then increased to $500 that is dishonesty and they get eliminated.
  9. I send the below message to them. Later on in the conversations I ask about their pricing, details, take notes, check absurd pricing, also check their staff. If the staff answer is high quality it means they have a good operational structure. I check if they argue science or say general stuff. I value personal brand over entity. Dr. Parker > EyeWorld.

Hello, I’m Demi,

I’m looking to get information and advice on what eye tests I need to take to determine the best course of solution for me. My situation is listed below

- I’m 30 years old
- I never had glasses
- I spend 10 hours per day in front of computer
- My vision was perfect 10 years ago, I haven’t taken a test since.
- My vision has gotten worse, I can’t read far objects
- My left eyes vision is much worse than my right eye
- My left eye has been twitching for the past few months
- My eyes get tired when I look at the big screen TV for a while (especially my left eye)since the distance is barely what my left eye can read.

What is the best course to determine what is wrong and how to make it better?

Thank you

Unfortunately I booked ACE clinic before receiving enough replies but here are the top placed I gathered according to all the information and interactions I did.

Hesed Eye Specialist
These gave me the most correct answer unfortunately I had already booked elsewhere so I didn’t get a chance to go there.
My Question:
Their Answer:

The Lensmen
Their site is really bad but the reply they gave is so detailed. I can be sure I’ll have all my questions answered by them.
My Question:
Their Answer:

Eye Theory
Their reviews suck but recommended to me by a google executive.
Then referred me to a clinic first which shows that they’re in it for the service and not to sell glasses:

If I were to do it again, I’d proceed with Hesed Eye Specialist.

Bad Stores

After contacting most places just told me either

  • Get examination from them
  • Get glasses from them

They didn’t comment on my problem or help me in any way. Here are some example conversations.

My Situation

Apparently I have 6/6 vision in both eyes. My problem was dry eyes. My left eye had a lot of dry spots. After 2 days I’m already feeling much better. The things that are recommended were

  • Using drops 4 times per day
  • Setting up a reminder every 15 minutes to blink (I forget it..)
  • Setting up a reminder every 30 minutes to take a break
  • Eating omega-3 food or pills
  • Adjusting AC and checking out my room humidity
  • Getting blue screen for my computer

If I had gone with the wrong place they would have sold me glasses and made my eyes worse.

Also every 2–3 years is a good frequency to see an eye doctor.




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